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There have never been so many opportunities to tell your story. PiZetta Media shares the human side of everyday heroes, echoing what Scottish storytellers used to say, “The story is told eye to eye, mind to mind, and heart to heart.”

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Everybody Has a Story.

And now, there have never been so many opportunities to tell your story. The reason is simple: stories connect people. Stories are a stirring way to show a human side.

Stories connect people,
and connecting to other people
makes the world better.

One Good Story Can Do A Lot of Good

Stories boost connections through relatability, trust, and understanding. They encourage empathy and allow us to take lessons others have learned and apply them to our own lives. And while we don’t share the same experiences, we share similar emotions, fears, and hopes that uniquely connect the viewer and the teller. This collaboration, in turn, becomes the foundation for building stronger communities.

Our Purpose

At PiZetta Media, we’re here to spotlight these storytellers, give them a place to show and tell, and provide you with an opportunity to connect.

We champion our hometown first responders and homeland defenders by streaming their powerful stories of hope, bravery, and dedication. This is what makes PiZetta different.

Storytellers Helping Storytellers

Not all storytellers have the platform they deserve. Many of our own community heroes are among those whose stories often go untold. They have more important things to do, like help people stay safe, healthy, and cared for. But the stories they live out are moving and vital. And if they’re not told, we all miss out on something important.

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