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Exciting news from Potawatomi Zoo! Moja, the beloved black and white colobus, welcomed a precious baby boy into the world on March 23, filling the hearts of staff and visitors with joy. These adorable colobus infants are born with pink skin and white hair, gradually transforming their appearance over the first few months. Although currently nestled close to his mother’s chest, the little one will soon start exploring his surroundings and growing more independent. As the weather warms, visitors to the zoo’s 23-acre expanse in South Bend, Indiana, may catch glimpses of this adorable addition, especially on clear days above 50 degrees when Moja and her baby venture into their outdoor habitat.

Situated within Potawatomi Park, flanked by the St. Joseph River and the Grand Trunk railroad, the Potawatomi Zoo is a cherished institution in South Bend’s River Park neighborhood. Since its establishment in 1921, it has remained a beacon of wildlife conservation and public engagement, making it Indiana’s second-oldest zoo.