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Volusia County, Florida, witnessed a heartwarming celebration as the Volusia Sheriff’s Office in District 3 South escorted and joined in the festivities for WWII veteran Arthur Hobbs on his remarkable 100th birthday. Amidst balloons and cheers, Arthur was greeted with warm embraces and presented with a symbol of profound gratitude—a challenge coin recognizing his selfless dedication during his military service. The joyous occasion served as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by individuals like Arthur, whose courage and resilience continue to inspire generations.

Arthur Hobbs’ centennial celebration is a testament to the enduring spirit of service and sacrifice that defines the greatest generation. As deputies from the Volusia Sheriff’s Office honored this milestone, they celebrated a remarkable life and underscored the importance of recognizing and cherishing the contributions of veterans like Arthur. Happy 100th birthday, Arthur Hobbs, and thank you for your service.