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EMS Lieutenant David Kruysman epitomizes resilience and dedication within the FDNY. Despite facing functional disabilities, Lt. Kruysman has fearlessly navigated his career path for over 17 years, transitioning from an EMT to pivotal roles in Haz-Tac and Rescue Medic units. His unwavering commitment to overcoming obstacles is a beacon of inspiration, illustrating that any challenge can be surmounted with determination and resilience. Lt. Kruysman’s steadfast pursuit of excellence extends beyond his professional duties, as evidenced by his active involvement in the FDNY Triathlon team and his integral role within the FDNY Running Club, showcasing his enduring passion for service and his unwavering commitment to personal and professional growth. As Lt. Kruysman aptly states, “For anyone that has a functioning disability, there are many jobs that aren’t on the front lines. There are always opportunities in which a lot of people could excel. There are no limitations. It’s just proving yourself to get to it.”