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Exciting news is hatching at the Akron Zoo as a penguin chick emerged from its shell on March 3! This adorable addition to the zoo’s family arrived as an egg from the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, selected for its high priority in genetic diversity by the Humboldt Penguin Species Survival Plan (SSP). Proud penguin parents Pez and Gabriella have taken on the nurturing role, fostering the chick with their expertise honed from successfully raising previous offspring, including their last chick, Ernie, who joined the colony in 2021.

Dubbed Tercera, which translates to “third” in Spanish, the chick’s name reflects her unique birthdate on the third day of the third month and marks the third chick the Akron Zoo has fostered. Currently under the watchful care of her foster parents off-habitat, Tercera will soon undergo milestones such as feeding independently, shedding her down feathers, and passing a swim test before joining the bustling penguin colony, adding to the zoo’s current count of 16 penguins. Tercera’s arrival marks the 20th penguin chick to hatch since the inception of Penguin Point in 2003, further enriching the zoo’s commitment to penguin conservation and education.